Saturday, July 5, 2014

Piedmont birding moves East

I know many from the piedmont vacation at the coast, and I am no exception. I headed down to Ocean Isle Beach Thursday night in hopes of finding some Hurricane Arthur storm-driven birds from shore. Hurricanes and Tropical storms are well known for their abilities to pick up ocean birds and bring them close to shore or even inland. Alas, the storm was not a big bird producer, passing too far east of the Brunswick County area.
I did check the east end of Ocean Isle Beach, specifically the inlet area. Unfortunately it looked like the surf had overwashed much of the fenced off bird-nesting area. But soon I was able to find two very young Wilson's plover chicks and some juvenile least terns being fed glass minnows by their parents.
If you are down that way, check it out. But please be sure to observe the boundaries provided by the protective fencing.

                                                     Wilson's plover chick