Monday, July 28, 2014

First Documented Nest of Mississippi Kite from Mecklenburg County

Exciting news about Mecklenburg County's breeding birds. The active Mississippi kite nest has been found in a residential front yard near the intersection of Alexander and Providence Roads. Though breeding has been suspected from past years, this is the first documented nest for this species from the county, and likely the westernmost site in the state. Check out the photos of the adult and chick interacting below.

Adult Mississippi kite  by Phil Fowler
   The adult here appears to be holding a dragonfly, a favorite food of kites. The dragonflies are caught on the wing, often high in the sky.

Adult and juvenile Mississippi kite by Phil Fowler
    Here the adult kite is feeding the juvenile bird.

Photo by Phil Fowler

Here the adult departs the nest after delivering the dragonfly.

Juvenile Mississippi kite by Phil Fowler

This is a pic of the chick waiting patiently for the next meal to arrive. Notice how the juvenile plumage differs from the adult plumage.


Anonymous said...

Great news about kite and photos of it and chick. Thanks for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

The mama bird also has some type of "critter" in her claws.

Nancy said...

Taylor, I keep searching for the Kite from Brookfield on. Have not seen it yet. What time of day is my best chance?