Friday, March 4, 2016

Ospreys Are Back!

Last time I let you know about the arrival of the first spring migrant / breeder into our area, the fish crow. Much more exciting is the arrival of returning ospreys to their local breeding grounds. Ospreys are more charismatic and awe-inspiring than fish crows, and are more eagerly awaited. Late afternoon on February 27th I heard the unmistakable calls of an osprey descending from the clear blue sky.  A few seconds later I was able to pick the circling bird out high overhead as it disappeared to the northeast. Since then there have been more reports from the county but I think I reported the first one of the year.

If you spend time on the waters of Lakes Norman and Wylie they will be familiar sights again in a week or so. 

Osprey by Phil Fowler


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