Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Where Are the Hummingbirds?

By late June I start getting contacted by concerned bird enthusiasts who are concerned their hummingbirds have disappeared. Others report that hummingbirds have been only rare visitors thus far into the season or have been totally absent.


It is likely that birds have left their territories now that the young are fledging. After fledging the birds start moving around and some adult males may actually start drifting south from points north, preparing for true migration.

I predict that by mid-July the ruby-throated hummingbird activity at feeders will really be escalating just about everywhere a filled feeder is offered. so if you have taken you feeder in or were tardy getting yours out this year, go ahead and put them back up. there is a wave of activity getting ready to resume in just a few weeks.

Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird by Phil Fowler


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