Sunday, May 10, 2015

Two Local Rarities in One Day

Prior to leading a bird walk yesterday at Six-Mile Creek Greenway off Marvin road in the southern part of Mecklenburg County, I stopped in at a wetland behind Pike's Nursery off Johnston Road. The purpose was to search for a warbling vireo reported from that area the day before.

Warbling vireo is tough to find in this county. There are no nesting records, and migrants are not reported every year. the bird present now is in perfect breeding habitat so I hope it is able to attract a mate and attempt a nesting. I was able to relocate it in a willow thicket, the same area it was seen previously. It is a drab species that sings a song somewhat similar to the very-common house finch. Perhaps that is why it is often overlooked .

Warbling Vireo by Jeff Lewis

During the bird walk, fourteen birders enjoyed great looks at a Mississippi kite as it dipped and soared right over our heads. The species is another local rarity with only one of two pairs having been confirmed nesting. Hope fully the bird seen is trying to establish a nesting territory.

Mississippi kits are beautiful birds. From the topside, two large white wing patches aid in long-distance identification.

Mississippi Kite