Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Meet the Photographers

Today I am going to tell you about a few people instead of birds, and introduce you to the photographers that supply me with most of the photos for my column and blog. I am immensely grateful to them for their gracious consent to allow me to use their photos to enhance my work. And they all photograph more than just birds. Check them out for butterflies, reptiles, plants, and mammals and more. Here they are:

Jeff Lewis, Manteo NC: Jeff is perhaps the most frequently featured photographer.  
Jeff has easy access to some of the best birding areas in North Carolina. Places like the Alligator River NWR, Pea Island NWR, Bodie Island, and Mattamuskeet NWR are his frequent haunts.
Check out his work at or

John Ennis, Leland NC: John spends his time documenting the birds of Brunswick and New Hanover Counties in North Carolina, and far beyond. He explores the roads and swamps of Brunswick County and spends a lot of time at Fort Fisher and Wrightsville Beach. John is a past Executive Committee member of the Carolina Bird Club. See more of his work at

Jeff Lemons, Charlotte, NC: Jeff travels the state photographically documenting as many species as he can, common and rare alike. The photo today is one of my favorite photos of his from Mecklenburg County. View his work at

Phil Fowler, Concord, NC: Phil always has his camera along on local field trips, ready to document any unusual species that might be discovered. Phil is a past Executive Committee member of Mecklenburg Audubon and the Carolina Bird Club.

Kent Fiala, Chapel Hill, NC: Kent maintains the wonderful website and photo gallery of the Carolina Bird Club;, and contributes frequently to it. He has traveled extensively to Central America. His website is accessed at

Ron Clark, Kings Mt: Ron leads birding trips all over the United States from right here at home to Alaska. He is currently on the Executive committee of the Carolina Bird Club.


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