Friday, September 19, 2014

Broad-winged Hawk Migration Peaking- Check it Out

If you are along the northern stretches of the Blue Ridge Parkway on Sunday September 21, pull in to the overlook at Mahogany Rock to try get a glimpse of the Broad-winged hawk migration. This overlook has long been known for the viewing accessibility it affords. Hawk watching is easy birding. You stay still and the birds come to you. I, and several other birders plan to be there most of the day. 
Conditions look good for there to be bird movement. Potentially hundreds of hawks can be seen under the right conditions. There will also be opportunities for short trail excursions to look for fall passerine migrants which should be abundant too.
The overlook is at milepost 235, five miles south of the intersection of US 21 and the Parkway.

Broad-winged Hawk by Phil Fowler